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We currently live in Poland and we are registered with Association Felina Greece.

Scottish Foldy is one of the most friendly feline breeds known to man, with characteristic, floppy ears (straight, they have simple ears). Perfect for living in a modern family. The cats of this breed are almost perfect in every respect. The cousins ​​are very nice cats, friendly, extremely intelligent. They have a mild, balanced temperament. They like playing, caressing and constant close contact with a man who does not step away from each other in their daily home activities. They are domestic cats – they prefer home privacy, from wandering around. They attach themselves very much to the family, but most often they choose one person and become their best friend. They live in harmony with other cats and domestic animals. Scottish folds have soft, fluffy fur. Short-haired varieties do not require special care. Long-haired varieties, on the other hand, are extremely effective, but their fur requires frequent combing.

Price of kittens: -> PLN 2,500

We assume that PLN 2,500 is the average price of a PET kitten in our kennel. The kitten’s price is affected by its color, color distribution, type, intensity of eye color, length of fur, lines in pedigree, sex, age … and many other similar factors.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with:

What are our Scottish Folds

Weekend cat talks

Breeder’s responsibility

Felinotherapy, or cat treatment

Adoption of an almost perfect kitten

If you have any questions, please call tel. 791-155-791 / Patryk Koc

hodowla Dandy Koc-Pol / registered: WCF / Association Feline Greece

Scottish cats are special animals. Always with man, always humming and communicative. Always loved… to know, this race needs to be seen live. Touch, pet, hug… first meeting is unforgetable. 

Scottish Foldy in our cat family

We have been breeding racial cats for 15 years. Scottisch Foldy, this is our second love after the Ragdolls. A few years in our house, a kitten was inhabited a bit by accident. Delighted by her different look, we were quickly amazed that it was the sweetest feline temper we have ever had contact with. And the cats in our house are, after all, abundance and the most famous because of their magical temperament. And yet the scotish fold turned out to be equally sweet and even sweeter. Totally charmed by his wonderful character – calmness, tenderness, devotion to man … we started to bring more cats of this breed. The most important for us is the choice in terms of temperament. We want our folds to be the sweetest of sweet. For many years we have been dealing with felinotherapy and that’s why we pay so much attention to the cat’s psyche. Our folds are fairytale cats. It’s hard for more sweet, fluffy, purring creatures. Our goal is to breed cats with a wonderful, sweet temperament. We look their appearance in the background, which does not mean that we do not put enough effort into making our Skottish folds delight with their beauty. However, their temperament is the most important. If, however, we are talking about beauty, I do not hide that I like the long-haired, silver scottish folds most. We are in love with our Alince & Misza and we are gradually striving to get just such kittens. The specifics of breeding this breed requires more patience, because you can combine with each other only alternately – folds with straight’ami, or zwisłouche with prostouchymi. Misha has already properly matched cats, and Alinka is a suitable tomcat. And so, step by step, we experience another, fascinating breeding adventure. Scottish Folds delight us with the variety of colors. They can have any eye color (it’s still amazing for us), and any color of fur and any color distribution. It is not a coincidence that we decided on a crazy color mix by introducing up to 4 tortoiseshells and different eye colors (gold, green, blue) into the breeding program. And although still long-haired, silvery are the ones we prefer, a large dose of color is a wonderful variation for us.

Breeding is our passion

I would like to emphasize very strongly that we do not run an online store with kittens with the “buy now” option and courier delivery. A family member can not be bought online. You can not even book a kitten online. It is necessary to visit the kennel to choose the one who will spend the next dozen years of life with you. Please also remember that breeding is not business – it is a passion. Kittens, it’s not a commodity – it’s my cat’s children. I want to meet the families where kittens are to be found and I’m not always willing to give them away. Please, consider this too. Most people forget about it. Even the fact that breeding is a private place – it’s not a shop, warehouse, warehouse or other commercial space. This is a home, a private space to which I invite and present my cat’s children. We invite all interested to our house – we live in Łódź. Of course, please call in advance and make an appointment. We prefer meetings in the previously announced “weekend cat chat”, but there is also the opportunity to meet in a different time. When visiting us, you will see kittens that are currently available and ready to change your home. We do not present cats who we do not know about yet (what temperament they have in which direction they will develop). We do not book these little ones for anyone. We wait patiently as they finish 3 months and then we can present them to you.

Mr. Patryc Koc

+48 791 155 791

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